Cocoon Bistro & Dining in Bangla Road, Patong

The best place to enjoy House Music in Phuket - Cocoon Club and Bistro
The best place to enjoy House Music in Phuket
April 22, 2017
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Cocoon Bistro & Dining in Bangla Road, Patong

Yumi Burger and Fries at Cocoon Club and Bistro Patong

The Bistro

The newest hangout for casual daytime dining in Bangla road, Patong. 80 Baht afternoon beers, or early sunset cocktails, Cocoon Bistro’s laid-back and convivial atmosphere makes for a great place to chill, converse, and have a bite and a drink, whilst scanning the scene along the famous Bangla Road.

The trendy bistro cafe and restaurant will embrace real gourmet aficionados and health-conscious connoisseurs with an assortment of healthy power and detox juices prepared with Nature’s freshest produce, and a wide array of authentic, mouthwatering urban dishes hinting a touch of Mediterranean.

Our attentive and dedicated staff will ensure every element of your day or evening at the Bistro runs smoothly and is beautifully delivered with a smile. Stay and linger as long as you like, for when the heart of Patong Beach awakens from its sleep, an ascent to the terrace above will lead you to the ultimate open-air lounge experience that is Cocoon Club.

Savour the moment of an idyllic afternoon in Phuket island’s newest bistro cafe restaurant. Cocoon Bistro will bask you in a deliciously warm, tropical ambience served fresh at the terrace ground level. Enticing indulgences in perfectly little plates of gourmet delights and exquisitely refreshing drinks will keep you going all day and into the night!


Drinks and Food at Cocoon Bistro dining in Patong - PHUKETDining in Patong:

Whether it be brunch overlooking busy Bangla road, or a leisurely long dinner under the stars, Cocoon Bistro delivers authentic and delectable urban cuisine fusing the best of Thai and modern European flavours and produce.

Eclectic music switches from pop to international and Latin tunes, encompassing you in the perfect, laid back atmosphere to kickback and sip on a sublime cucumber splash with G’vine and a dash of cinnamon, or refuel and energize on a fresh detox blend of healthy carrots, apple, spinach, and beetroot.

A great place to get the night started — but be aware, Cocoon evolves through many personalities as hours tick by. You might find yourself staying a while as it segues from bistro cafe restaurant, to trendy bar, to popular late night potshot!

Leave the hustle and bustle behind and let your imagination float across the landscape. A stopover at the Club Bistro is the perfect way to meet, catch up, and sample the buzz of sumptuously appetizing treats, fresh-pressed juices, and heady signature cocktails.