At Cocoon Phuket, we host a variety of monthly, weekly, and one-off events featuring top spinning DJs from the global dance music community, as well as professional aerial silk and aerial hoop performers at our unique open-air terrace.
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12/16/2017 @ 21:00
Cocoon PhuketBangla Road
Ban Patong, 83150
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DJ Pablo Discobar

Born in Belgium in 1974. Started as a vinyl DJ at the age of 15. Grew up in the big house scene in Belgium with music styles such as Belgian house, Chicago house, garage, and trance.

Played as guest DJ in well-known Belgian clubs in the early nineties like Maxx and Cherry Moon and was a resident in a freaky after-club called Shampoo!

In 1996, he became connected to a DJ group called Natural Born Deejays. From 1999 onward, he found his own way to start collecting a different style of deep house music, but the real one, not beatport deephouse.

His musical style is hard to find: nu-disco, jazzy, funky, soulful, and vocal house with Motown influences. Occasionally progressive and minimal dub and tech house for big clubs.

He started buying records from the early nineties and still continues to do so today which gives him the respect and advantage in the DJ scene. Every sound you hear from him is recorded from personal vinyl, and not a digital download!

He already has a remarkable record collection of over 15,000 vinyls -- a collection that is still growing!

In 2013, he found the time to start a record label called ‘intellectual music’ together with his good friend DJ Regiano from Belgium. They produced music under the name Groovebrothaz and made a few releases available for download on well-known sites such as Juno and Beatport. Their first release was a collaboration with famous Chicago DJ/Producer K ALEXI.

In 2015, he decided to sell his business in Belgium and followed his dream by moving to the beautiful island of Phuket in Thailand. Two years earlier, he started off as a guest DJ and a year later played at Diamond Beach Club together with Josh (RIP).

After the closing of this famous beach club in 2015, he embarked as resident DJ at Zazada Club located near the Diamond Beach Club.

DJ Divideep aka Pablo Discobar is well known for Saturday pool parties and all-day events. From time to time, he does gigs in other clubs like Illuzion in Patong.

Cocoon Phuket is thrilled to have him as our special guest DJ. We hope to see you at this gig!

DJ Divideep at Cocoon Phuket -->
12/18/2017 @ 21:00
Cocoon PhuketBangla Road
Ban Patong, 83150
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From an early age Datan was surrounded by house music lovers. At the ripe age 16 years old he started collecting records creating a very particular sound and style.

He hit the local music scene with this style and immediately got the attention of the local promotors. Playing in line ups with big name Dj’s such as Eddie Halliwell, Tall Paul & Terry Francis to name a few became a regular occurrence for Datan.

He started running his own event in his hometown Guernsey called ‘motion’ which represented forward thinking house music, filling dancefloors with love & energy for house music became the brand. Shortly after this success Datan made the leap to SE Asia where his sound was instantly noticed landing reidencies at the best bars beach parties & pool parties on Koh Phi Phi

Adaptability and versatility are two words that spring to mind when the name is mentioned. His sound is across the boarder going from deep lying soulful house, all the way to bass line heavy rolling House and techno. Furthermore his ability to read and reform a crowd is unparalleled.
12/20/2017 @ 21:00
Cocoon PhuketBangla Road
Ban Patong, 83150
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DJ Camma (James Cain)

Highly talented and flexible, DJ Camma can play any type of night that’s needed, whether as a warm-up for other DJs or as the main talent.

Camma can start the evening off by mixing long breakdowns and building up to seamless big room drops, which always leaves the crowd urging for more!

Originally a promoter for over 10 years who eventually ended up behind the decks, Camma worked his way up -- from learning to DJ, to organising and promoting his own festival-based events, warehouse raves, and reunion nights. His experience is second to none!

Working with big names such as K KLASS and ROZALLA, Camma has impressed many music enthusiasts and made a name for himself on his home island, the Isle of Man! He put together nights that earned him the popularity he now has on the island, making him a personality that people were always happy to see on a line-up!

Resident Nights

Bordellos Nightclub - Commercial, R&B, Hip Hop, 90s Dance, and Latino Chart/House
Nexus - Minimal Tech, House and Commercial House
Outback - Commercial House
Night Life - Commercial House
Sugar - Chart, R&B and Hip Hop
Fusion - Chart
Weddings, birthdays and corporation events - 60s Motown & Northern Soul, 80s Disco, 90s up to now

Promotion Nights

Back2back - Minimal Tech House
Project One - Minimal Tech House
Off Your Barnet - House, Baseline, Drum & Bass, Scat
Boat Party’s - Tropical Deep House
House Invasion - House
The Ultimate Reunion - Event Organiser
Ultimate Reunion 2 - Event Organiser
Cammafest (a yearly festival) - Event Organiser and DJ
12/22/2017 @ 21:00
Cocoon PhuketBangla Road
Ban Patong, 83150
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Jerome Biales aka Mr Sour doesn't need no introduction to the Phuket underground house music scene...
Being the resident dj of the popular underground club BLOW, and now part of the Cafe Del Mar team here in Phuket allows him to play everything from house to techno to downtempo but also to share the booth with djs such as : Mihai Popoviciu, Claptone, Andhim, Superflu, Adana Twins, Mat.Joe, Sebastien Leger, James Zabiela, Noir just to name a few...
He was also involve in some of the best underground house and techno parties on the island with their infamous Groovebox parties at Iguana beach and the Yolo series on the Hype Luxury Boat.
12/24/2017 @ 21:00
Cocoon PhuketBangla Road
Ban Patong, 83150
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Let's celebrate Christmas at Cocoon Phuket with D TOM!i

TOM!I, is an international DJ known for his ability to read the crowd and own the audience with his genre-breaking music style built on deep and mystical tunes. Currently TOM!Ii is touring in Thailand and producing his own music.

Music has always been a big part of Tomi’s life and he actually first tried DJing already in 1995, but could not afford his own gear back then. Years went by as an active clubber until one day. When got a full set up from he’s DJ friend. Two weeks later he was already on his first ever club gig, and after this debut he’s been regularly performing at the pace of +100 gigs per year.

Tomi’s previous music hobbies and travels around the world have highly influenced his unique music style that can be best described mystical, genre-breaking and progressive. He likes deep beats and dark tones and knows no boundaries in mixing genres. TOM!I enjoys building his sets with progressive music journeys in mind, so different musical landscapes are always present whenever he plays. TOM!I wants to impact people while making them both listen and dance.

Currently TOM!I is starting to produce his own music under the record label Joiku Musik. The label recognized his musical talent from his disc playing skills and signed him without even hearing his production first. This only highlights the labels faith in TOM!I’s style and gifts.

TOM!I is also touring at the moment. He is a resident DJ at clubs in Thailand and Finland and has also toured in clubs around Northern Europe and Asia. TOM!I has been praised for his gifts in reading the crowd and adapting his style to the mood of the club. In his own words: “it all starts with the feeling”. All in all, Tomi knows how to own his audience, no matter where and when.

• Full name Tomi Kaaria , born in 1979 in Turku, Finland
• Resides in Koh Tao, Thailand at the moment
• Professional DJ for 4 years, plays 100 gigs per year
• RESIDENT DJ @ Maya Beach Club Thailand) // MOOV (Thailand) // Society Club (Finland,
• Has played in clubs around both Asia and Northern Europe
• Currently beginning to produce his own music for the international label Joiku Musik
• Unique, mystical style, likes building progressive musical journeys aimed to impact
• Praised for his skills in reading the crowed and adapting his style to the club

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